Recovering After an Implant Procedure

The first few weeks after an implant procedure should be dedicated to recovery. While recovery times for the procedure vary from person to person, most patients who receive an implanted neurostimulation system recover within six to eight weeks. If you receive a neurostimulation system, your doctor will likely advise you to resume your usual activities with some limitations. These limitations are intended to allow your body to heal around the implanted system. Support from family and friends can help during this important recovery period.


Recovery period limitations

You should always follow your doctor’s instructions regarding restrictions during the recovery period. Listed below are some general restrictions that patients with implanted neurostimulation systems should follow during the first six to eight weeks after receiving their implant:

  • Avoid twisting, bending, stretching, or lifting anything heavier than five pounds until the leads have healed in place. These movements may cause the leads to move and possibly cause an unpleasant sensation.
  • Do not have a medical test or procedure without checking with your doctor first.
  • If you have surgical staples, wait until they are removed before recharging your neurostimulator (applies to rechargeable systems only).

After your procedure, you will receive a system user’s guide. This guide provides a complete list of warnings and precautions for a neurostimulation system. For more information about warnings and precautions for a system, refer to our Important Safety Information page.


Your follow-up appointment

Within two weeks of the implant procedure, you will likely have a postoperative checkup. At this visit, your doctor will check the incision site. A St. Jude Medical representative will also be present to show you how to use the programmer and, if applicable, the charging unit.