Patient Ambassador Program

Talk with someone who understands
When you are trying to make a decision about a new pain management option, it often helps to connect with someone who has had an experience similar to your own. If you have questions, or just want to listen to what others have to say about their experience, the St. Jude Medical Patient Ambassador Program is here to help.

What is the Patient Ambassador Program?
Created by patients for patients, the Patient Ambassador Program gives you the opportunity to have candid, one-on-one discussions with people who use neurostimulation to manage their chronic pain and have volunteered to share their personal experiences with the therapy.

How do I connect with a patient ambassador volunteer?
There are two ways to request to be contacted by an ambassador:

  1. Complete the online request form
  2. Call 1-877-720-7246

Based on your answers to a few questions, we will match you with an ambassador whose situation is similar to your own. The ambassador will then contact you in the method you prefer (by phone or by email) and share his or her personal experience with neurostimulation.

Please note that patient ambassadors are not medical professionals and cannot help you decide if neurostimulation is right for you. As with all pain management options, you should discuss the risks and benefits of neurostimulation with your doctor. Also, patient ambassadors cannot discuss products or therapies from other companies and cannot support patients outside of the United States.

Meet Our Featured Ambassadors

Ambassador - Val Ambassador - Ron Ambassador - Sara
“The ambassador program helped me immensely. Being in chronic pain and going through these surgeries and procedures can be a very lonely place when you see the rest of the world running around you. And to connect with someone who has been through this and who truly understands is priceless.”
“I joined the Patient Ambassador Program in 2007 because I wanted to make sure other chronic pain sufferers like me did not have to experience the loneliness that I went through.”
“As an ambassador and pain patient, I invite you to take advantage of what this volunteer group has to offer. We’re here to answer you questions and listen to your concerns.”